What is ‘Project Attraction’ all about?

The word ‘attraction’ dates back to the late 14th century from Latin ‘attractio’ which means “a drawing together.”

For many of us, the first real understanding we get to experience is ‘magnetic attraction’ where at in Physics 101 we get to feel what it is like when two magnets are either used in a combination to bring each other together or push each other apart.

Later in life, we get to find other attractions, typically on a mental, physical and even a sexual level.

Ironically, when a person is asked what attracts them to something, whether it be a job, a hobby or the people in their lives, they are often not easily able to identify what the attraction is based on? It tends to be so automatic that is outside of their everyday awareness.

Why ‘Project Attraction’ ?

Imagine if you will that there is an energy system that affects us each and every day in whatever we desire.
There is a forward energy (we could call yang) and a drawing energy (we could call yin).
When we have these both of these energies working for us in any area of life, we find ourselves in a state often called ‘flow’.
However, whenever we have both of these energies working in opposition to eachother, we discover that pushing, force and struggle is more common.

Attraction Formula’s…

What has surprised me when researching my first book was how when people described to me ‘what worked for them’ in their lives, there would be a common theme that would keep showing up that would at one level be very obvious and at another level be almost too obvious.

It became more and more obvious that there would be a number of elements that would make for something that worked for them and that would include an element of attraction, even if they didn’t initially realise it.
I was even to discover my own Attraction Formula for what it was that drew me to authoring a book.

If you feel that you are experiencing too much force and struggle and not enough flow and fluidity in your day to day life, why not get in touch and you could learn things about yourself that even your best friend would ‘t know as well assisting my research on this subject. A win-win scenario.