So, what is a MindSet™ Coach?

Well, firstly let me share what it isn’t.
When something in your life isn’t going the way you want it to go, what people will generally do is assist you in listing out a whole array of ideas on how to overcome whatever it is.
Now, that isn’t wrong as such, it’s just that it can very easily fall into using the same mind set that got you into the situation in the first place. It tends to keep you in push, force and struggle mode.
Our focus is instead on releasing the underlying resistance that allows for a solution to flow more naturally. This means you can save the pushing, forcing and struggling for when life brings it’s challenges that we face from time to time. It no longer will need to be your default response.

So how does MindSet™ Coaching typically work?

In essence, we look to leverage the way you utilise the natural mechanics of the mind.
We assist the mind to use it’s energy reserves to focus on a solution rather than keep focusing on the problem.
To use an example, a common issue is weight loss. Let’s say a couple both want to lose a stone of weight.
If they focus on losing weight, they are in essence creating a conflict in their subconscious mind as it does not process negatives.
Let’s imagine that an other tact is applied, one that aligns with the way the mind really works.
Let’s say we ask them ‘on a scale of 1 to 10, how are you towards being at your ideal weight?’
If they say they both agree on a 6. This is really useful.
The focus can then be for example ‘what would have to happen to get to a 7.
Now there is much less resistance as the subconscious mind is more open to making changes for whole number of reasons that I would need some time to detail out for you.
The key thing is that now as an analogy, the could will feel less like they are pushing and struggling which would require them to reach for more calories to keep up the struggle.

How would someone arrange a MindSet™ session with you?

I am not available for one on one sessions right now as my focus in 2017 is on the book release and creating a set of products that will assist people with their Mind Set from the comfort of their home.
Then if they want to have a top up session one to one with me, they can get in touch and add their name to my waiting list.
This means that people get the best value for their pound and I get to assist as many individuals as possible.

Lastly, why do you spell ‘mind set’ as ‘MindSet’ and why it is Trademarked?

That is a great question if you don’t mind me saying. I wish I could give you a simple response but it is trade secret based on something I discovered by complete accident.